Weighing In On The Coach Search

I may not be very good at running a blog, but one thing I definitely am good at is spouting off opinions and talking about things as if I know a lot about them. Here are my thoughts on the recent developments in the ongoing search for the next head football coach at Syracuse.

  • I’m not remotely upset that we didn’t land Lane Kiffin. I think he’ll do a fine job with Tennessee and I hope he’s able to get his dad Monte to join him. That’d be pretty special for the two of them. I just never thought it would be all that great of a fit and that it was too complicated of a sell. You’d have been hiring a coach who was trashed in a very public manner by one of the more prominent Syracuse alumni in the football world. Additionally, most of the SU football family would probably have balked at the notion of DG hiring another one of Pete Carroll’s guys given how well it worked out the first time. On top of that, what are his major acheivements? Not killing Al Davis? Convincing 18 year old males that they might want to play college football in a warm area with an abundance of exposure and attractive women? I’d say the former is harder than the latter, but it doesn’t make him a quality head coach.
  • Um, we’re not getting Mike Leach or Chris Petersen and we most likely won’t have a shot at Tommy Tuberville. Let’s please just put that to rest right now. Yeah, it’s fun to speculate, but can we be serious for a minute? We’re not really offering them anything that they can’t get already (except the now-jobless Tubs), and for the foreseeable future they’d be doing without some of the things they’ve grown to love (i.e.: scoring, defense, winning, etc.).
  • Possibly the most frightening picture of Randy Edsall Ive ever seen, and a far cry from the grouch whos sick of talking about his alma mater.

    Possibly the most frightening picture of Randy Edsall I've ever seen, and a far cry from the grouch who's sick of talking about his alma mater.

    Randy Edsall seems like a real sourpuss. He clearly does not deal well with speculation, and it’s eerily reminiscent of Nick “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach” Saban. Which makes me think that maybe – just maybe – he’s still in the running.

  • Our fling with Chip Kelly was fun while it lasted.
  • Turner Gill, Mike Locksley and Skip Holtz still seem to be our most likely candidates, though I’m leaning toward agreeing with others that Skip will probably hold out another year and hope Charlie Weis blows it at Notre Dame.
  • Mark Whipple, Kevin Rogers and Doug Marrone should be in the hunt only if we fall through on all of our options who are currently in the college game, actively recruiting and coaching 18-23 year olds.
  • I highly doubt that either Steve Addazio or Dan Mullen – the rumored Florida assistants – will be headed our way. Why leave that gig to freeze your ass off and possibly fall on your face?

Basically, I’m highly skeptical that this is going to end well. Unless you describe this ending well as Daryl Gross getting fired in three years. In which case, you might love how this ends.

My rankings – based solely on personal preference of realistic candidates – are as follows:

#1 – Butch Jones – Central Michigan: He’s like a poor man’s Mike Leach, and his team’s defensive performance against Eastern Michigan definitely falls in line with that statement.

#2 – Turner Gill – Buffalo: As the buzz around him has said, if you can win at Buffalo, you can win anywhere.

#3 – Mike Locksley – Illinois (Offensive Coordinator): This guy has one hell of a track record for recruiting. Even if he’s an awful head coach and we have to find someone new in four years, hopefully he’ll at least leave the pantry well-stocked.

#4 – Skip Holtz – East Carolina: Wherever he leaves ECU for, he’ll do well. Until he leaves that school for South Bend.

#5 – Brady Hoke – Ball State: He’s done a great job with the Cardinals this season but he may want to cash in his MAC chips now while he still has Nate Davis and MiQuale Lewis.


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  1. Terrible Tommie C

    You need to blog more, I’m bored at work.

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